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Whitenergy LED Bulb B60 E14 4W 160lm Cold white Glass

Brand: WHITENERGY | Product code: 07572 | SAP index: 1005664 | EAN: 5908214340057 | Warranty: 24

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Save up to 300€ per year!

Energy-saving Whitenergy LED bulb is a modern solution, which uses LED diodes technology, made ​​from high quality materials and equipped with innovative chipsets and control systems. LEDs are devoid of “blinking” effect and shine in a clean band – they not - eyes. With the exclusion of UV and infrared light emitted does not adversely affect well-being. Due to the high quality materials and  useing of energy-saving LED technology SMD LED, bulb takes at least 8 times less power, compared to traditional incandescent, which makes replacement of all bulbs to LED light source. It makes your bill lower!


What color of LED will be best?

The color of light should  depending on the features of the room. In rooms, where we spend a long time, we recommend warm light color (3000K), so that we feel relaxed and refreshed. Warm light  is also recommend to the kitchen and dining room. With such light meal will be looked fresh and appetizing, which unfortunately can be changed using a lamp with a cold colored light (6500K).

Cold-colored bulbs will find the best application in the bathroom. Ceramics and fittings take on glamor and unique look. Cold light recommend to the facade of the house and garden, industrial buildings and lighting streets. They can also be mounted where isn’t use for work, that requires eyes effort ore are using for relax. Cold light is tiring eyes, and therefore recommended the use of a bathroom, wardrobe, lighting of the building, the garden or highlight sculptures, ornaments and paintings. Good use for cold color LEDs are lighting spotlights used as decorative room.

In addition to the coloring of used light bulbs, a very important parameter is the factor that color reproduction is always Ra> 80. Thanks to its great value colors are not false the environment.


European standards

This product provides a universal, consistent with applicable standards design to deliver a safe and trouble-free installation in traditional lighting fixtures. All lamps meet the strict European CE standards, so you do not cause interference and do not affect the performance of other devices, using the power adapter.

Bulbs brand Whitenergy meet the standard LVD, it means that surges in the network can reach values ​​much higher than 230, and therefore is used for this purpose capacitors 380-450V security values. With such safeguards our LED light source will not damage installations or fixtures, as they are capable of withstanding even large surges in the network.

RoHS standard is the lack of harmful substances in the bulb. None of our products do not contain mercury or lead, a binder used in the bulb is lead-free tin. This allows each customer is assured that the product is safe and environmentally friendly.


Long life, excellent performance !

During production, our brand of light bulbs have been used only high quality materials , so that the life of the bulbs can reach even 25 000 hours . Multiple disable and enable not shorten its service life , making runs up to 25 times longer than a standard bulb .

In addition, each of our product is covered by a 24 month warranty.

Beam angle 160 [°]
Color rendering index (CRI) >80 [Ra]
Color temperature 6000 [K]
Light color Cold white
Luminous flux 160 [lm]
Power 4 [W]
Replacement of incandescent bulb 30 [W]
Shape B60
Socket (bulb holder) E14
Type LED
Type of cover glass
Voltage 230 [V]

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