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Whitenergy Car power inverter 150/300W 12V(DC)- 230V(AC) with USB port and universal adapter

Brand: WHITENERGY | Product code: 09409 | SAP index: 1004921 | EAN: 5908214361458 | Warranty: 24

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Whitenergy Car Power Inverter 12V with power 150/300W


The car power inverter is a device that allows you to change the DC voltage of 12V or 24V in car to an AC voltage of 230V, which is the voltage standard in electrical outlets in our homes. The Whitenergy car power inverter allows you to use electronic devices in your car by connecting them with a cable with DC plug to the cigarette lighter socket or with the clamps directly to the battery. It can also be a power backup in a situation of power failure, which means that it works both during driving and when the car's engine is off. This is a great solution if you do not have the ability to connect directly to the power grid.

We offer you DC/AC car power inverters with modified sine wave, input voltage 12V/24V and power of 100W-2000W.



  • Small household appliances (toasters, irons, kettles)
  • Audio equipment (TVs, tuners, dvd, hi-fi)
  • Chargers (smartphones, phones, tablets, laptops, gps)
  • Lighting (LED, halogen lamps, bulbs, garden lamps)
  • Office equipment (computers, monitors, printers, fax machnies)





The power inverters are extremely useful on the go, that is why larger devices are equipped with universal sockets for attaching EU and UK plugs and smaller ones have the universal adapter included, so you can use them wherever you are. Some of the models available in our offer have USB port, which allow you to charge your smartphone or tablet. Each of the Whitenergy car power inverters has a cable with a DC adapter, so you can plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. Those with a power of 350W also have a cable with clamps for the battery.


Our car power inverters are equipped with all the necessary protections:

  • against OVERHEATING
  • against OVERLOAD
  • against OVERVOLTAGE
  • against UNDERVOLTAGE


Most of the models have LED indicators- green shows correct operation and red indicates if the device works incorrectly. Each power inverter has an audible signal, which informs about connecting to the device with too much power, or it alerts when the battery is low.


If you want to choose the power inverter suitable for your car, remember that:

If you have a car, choose a model with 12V input voltage.

If you have a truck, choose the power inverter with 24V or 12V input voltage (usually the information about voltage is located on the cigarette lighter socket).


When buying a Whitenergy car power inverter, remember to choose the right power that fits your needs.



The table above shows the approximate working time of the 12V power inverter, when the vehicle’s engine is off. The power inverter can operate continuously when the engine is running. The values will be doubled with a 24V device. They may also vary depending on the type and condition of the battery.


WARNING! Lack of an active PFC system in your laptop’s/ computer’s power supply can cause hum or overheating. Some TV models may display strips on the screen. Commutator devices, power tools may experience problems with speed control.

Car power inverters with modified sine wave can not be used with devices with continous power supply like fridges, air conditioners, induction hobs or pumps. For this type of equipment you need a power inverter with a full sine wave.

Continuous power 150 [W]
Dimensions 9,3x 6,3x 3,7 [cm]
Input voltage AC 12 [V]
Output frequency 50 [Hz]
Output voltage DC 230 [V]
Package type Blister
Peak efficiency 90 [%]
Peak power 300 [W]
Sockets European standard, universal adapter
Type of voltage waveform Modified sine wave
USB port USB
Warranty (months) 24
Weight 0,25 [kg]

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