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Whitenergy Rechargeable battery charger, 4x AA/ AAA, 2x 9V, 230V

Brand: WHITENERGY | Product code: 06452 | SAP index: 1004672 | EAN: 5908214327478 | Warranty: 24

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Save money with rechargeable batteries

It is a common problem to ensure a long working time of the gadgets that consume large amounts of energy, such as digital cameras, toys or wireless mice. Normal batteries run out relatively quickly, and their frequent replacements are expensive. The solution in such situations is the purchase of rechargeable batteries.


Excellent performance and long life

Whitenergy AAA batteries with a capacity of 1100mAh or AA 2800mAh are durable and provide many working hours of electronic equipment with high energy consumption. They do not have memory effect that causes loss of the real capacity. Ni-MH batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.2V and allow up to 1000 charging cycles.


Fast and safe charging

The Whitenergy brand offers a wide range of compact chargers that will quickly load up your batteries. Depending on the model, you can charge 2 or 4 AA/ AAA batteries.


New design of Whitenergy batteries and chargers

Whitenergy batteries and chargers now have a new, eye-catching look and a refreshed packaging line made of eco-friendly paper.

Type Whitenergy rechargeable battery charger 100-240v

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