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Whitenergy | AC Power adapter | AC 230V | Voltage/Current: 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/2.25A|USB C

Brand: WHITENERGY | Product code: 10576 | SAP index: 1012848 | EAN: 5908214375592 | Warranty: 24

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Expensive AC power adapter? It is the past!

Whitenergy offers the highest quality dedicated replacement power adapter for notebooks on our market. Massive Whitenergy adapter cover contains components, which you will not find in a low-cost substitutes. Low Quality substitutes are extremely dangerous for your notebook, because in order to reduce costs of production, they are created from very low quality components. A common practice among suppliers of cheap substitutes is usually components regeneration (refreshing old components). Buying our power supply, you can be sure, that each element of the adapter is original and new.

Whitenergy power adapter is 100% compatible with the original power supply, built with identical components, which gives you confidence that you are using the highest quality equipment. You can be convinced  about safety of your laptop. The prices of the original products reach even to 150 €, which is quite high cost . With our substitutes, you can be sure that you pay less money for the quality as good as in the original adapters.


Pay attention to adapter’s weight

The photo below presents differences between the standard power supply and Whitenergy adapter. At first glance you can see that our power supply is built using very high quality components, equipped with greater number of electronic parts, including copper-ferrite chokes, filters and screens. In result, as one of the few companies on the market, our product comply with the restrictive standards of EMC, LVD, RoHS2 - do not cause electrical interference. They are also equipped with surge protection and  overcharge protection. That’s the reason why Whitenergy’s products weigh around 20 % more than a cheap substitutes.




Whitenergy power supplies offer a wide range of products, which are compatible with 99%  notebook models on the market.



Power cords

When buying a power supply, it is useful to pay attention to power supply cable. Whitenergy power adapter is supplied with high-quality cable, ferrite filter and the band, which allows you easily fold the cable. Another advantage of dedicated power supply is the long cable, which helps users to enjoy all-round mobility while using the laptop, even if there is difficult access to the socket,. The length of the power cord (from AC/DC plug to the power supply) is over 1.5 m and a length of the cable from the power supply to your laptop is up to 1.8 m. The total length of the power supply is over 3m! Whitenergy power supplies are the best alternative power supply for your laptop!


Equipment insurance

To protect your equipment and give you the confidence of buying the highest quality replacement, you will receive insurance up to 10 000 Euro . It means that if our power supply in any way cause damage to your valuable equipment, we will refund you money in the amount of your equipment, even to the maximum sum of 10 000 Euro. We guarantee that our product is 100 % safe and designed according the highest standards of EMC. Our company is one of the few which can offer that solution and offer you the protection, which any other power supply producers cannot offer you.





  • Network filters and circuits reducing the current surge during start-up power supply.
  • Rectifier
  • PFC (improvement cosine φ) - improved power factor (PFC - Power Factor Correction) - increasing the power factor
  • PWM ( Pulse -width modulation ) - this system supplies the device directly or through a low-pass filter that smooths the voltage or current
  • Rectifier and filtering the output voltage
  • Systems security, control and regulation of the output voltage
  • Power cable equipped with ferrite filter
  • Structure identical to the original
  • Insurance up to 10 000 Euro
  • Over 3 meter power cable




Full compatybility compatybility_10576.xls
Input voltage AC 220- 240 [V]
plug USB C
Power 65 [W]
Type AC Power adapter
Voltage/ current 5/3 9/3 12/3 15/3 20/2.25 [V/A]

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