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Brand: V-TAC | Product code: SKU7337 | SAP index: 1014922 | EAN: 3800157625210 | Warranty: 24

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Save up to 300€ per year!

V-TAC energy-saving LED bulbs are a modern solution that uses LED technology made of high quality materials. The bulbs are equipped with modern chipsets and control systems. The diodes used are devoid of the "blinking" effect - they shine in the clean band without tiring eyes. Thanks to the exclusion of UV and infrared radiation, the emitted light does not adversely affect the well-being.

Replacing all light bulbs with LED light sources will lower your electricity bills. Due to the high quality of the electronics, as well as the use of energy-efficient SMD diode technology, the LED bulb consumes at least 8 times less power compared to a traditional light bulb.


What color of LED should you choose?

The color of light should vary depending on the interior's function of the. In rooms where we spend a lot of time, we recommend a warm color of light (about 3000K), thanks to which we will feel relaxed and refreshed. We also recommend warm light to the kitchen and dining room. With such a light, the dishes will look fresh and appetizing, which unfortunately can change when using light bulbs with a cold light color (about 6500K).

Cold-colored bulbs will find the best use in the bathroom. As a result, ceramics and fittings will gain a radiant and unique appearance. We also recommend cold light for the façade of the house and garden, industrial halls and street lighting. Cold light may be tiring for eyesight, which is why we recommend it in a bathroom, a dressing room, lighting of a building, garden or highlighting sculptures, decorations and paintings. Cold-colored LEDs are perfect fot spot lighting, as a decorative form of the room.

Another very important parameter is the color reproduction factor, which is always Ra> 80. Due to its high value, colors in the environment are not distorted.

European standards

This product has a universal construction, consistent with the applicable standards, which ensures safe and trouble-free installation in traditional light fittings. All bulbs meet the strict European CE standards, so they do not cause interference and do not affect the operation of other devices using mains power.

Voltage jumps in the network can reach values much higher than 230V, which is why 380-450V protective capacitors are used. V-TAC bulbs meet the LVD standard, which means that they will not damage the installation or the luminaire, because they are able to withstand even large voltage surges in the network.

The RoHS standard means no harmful substances in the bulb. None of our products contain mercury or lead - the lead binder used in the bulb is lead-free tin. As a result, every customer can be sure that the product is safe and environmentally friendly.

Long life, excellent performance!

Only high quality materials have been used in the production of V-TAC bulbs, which results in a life span of up to 25,000 hours. Switching off and switching on several times does not affect their lifetime, therefore they are more efficient than regular light bulbs.


Beam angle 300 [°]
Color rendering index (CRI) >80 [Ra]
Color temperature 2700 [K]
Light color Warm White
Luminous flux 230 [lm]
Power 2 [W]
Replacement of incandescent bulb 20 [W]
Shape T14
Socket (bulb holder) G9
Type LED
Type of cover Transparent
Voltage AC: 220-240 [V]

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